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Electric II

The Cutting-Edge Precision Temperature Controller

CRYO-S Electric II Benefits

Welcome to the future of precise temperature control with the CRYO-S Electric II. Developed by Metrum, a pioneer in advanced laboratory equipment, this state-of-the-art temperature controller brings unparalleled accuracy and versatility to your experiments and industrial processes. Whether you're conducting research in biotechnology, chemistry, material science, or electronics, the CRYO-S Electric II is your go-to solution for maintaining temperature stability with ease and efficiency.


Mode selection probe, cleaning and freezing can be performed automatically using footswitch or convenient touch screen which allows to keep the site of a procedure under sterile conditions.


RFiD – electronic communication between the probe and device allows recognition of optimal operating parameters and auto-configures to cryoprobe characteristic. Pressure and gas flow are set automatically, any manual adjustment is not necessary.


The working medium for CRYO-S ® Electric II is carbon dioxide: CO2 (-78°C) or nitrous oxide: N2O (-89°C), very efficient and easy to use gases. A 10 liter cylinder of CO2/N2O serves for approximately 60 procedures.


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CRYO-S Electric II Specifications

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Experience the convenience of a user-friendly interface and the assurance of safety features, all in one compact and reliable package. Invest in the CRYO-S Electric II today and witness the difference in your laboratory's performance.