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CRYO-T Elephant Benefits

Evolve Medical Equipment is a leading global provider of top-notch cryotherapy equipment and solutions. Specializing in tailored wellness solutions for the fitness, medical, beauty, and sports sectors, we are committed to delivering excellence at every step. Our cutting-edge equipment is meticulously designed and crafted by a team of experienced experts, ensuring unmatched quality and performance.

Maximum safety is our main focus. We are completely committed to providing a safe work environment for our customers and their employees.


The innovative hand piece is equipped with 2 laser pointers which enables to define optimal distance from skin during the procedure. CRYO-T Elephant enables regulation cold intensity measured on the nozzle outlet. Safety notification system keeps skin safe from freeze.


Quick START allows to begin treatment immediately after turning on the device. In a short time it generates cold between -110°C -160°C required for getting best results of the procedure. Desired temperature is reached 1 minute right after pressing START.


Dewar vessels are available in two capacities: 35 and 50 l. Owing to electronic measurement of gas consumption with information presented on the screen, user can plan liquid nitrogen deliveries according to the needs. It enables to minimize nitrogen losses resulting from gas evaporation during storage.


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CRYO-T Elephant Specifications

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